Has your money been seized by United States Customs and Border Protection?

Did you know that under U.S. law, it is illegal to bring into the country or travel outside the country with more than $10,000 if it is not declared to Customs? When traveling as a group, such as a family, and the money the group is carrying adds up to $10,000 (or its foreign equivalent), this is enough to have the amount seized.

Tradewinds Law can help you get your money back.

We can handle cases from any airport or port of entry in any state of the United States.

If you have already traveled outside of the USA, there is no need to return to the states to take care of your case. Tradewinds Law will file the appropriate petitions and keep you informed of the case status.

Please email us at or call us at 1-888-786-1768 for a consultation.

List of major U.S. airports where your currency might be seized:

  • Chicago, Illinois : O'Hare International Airport; Midway International Airport
  • New York City: John F. Kennedy International Airport; LaGuardia Airport
  • Newark, Elizabeth New Jersey: Newark Liberty International Airport
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles International Airport
  • Dallas, Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
  • Denver, Colorado: Denver International Airport
  • San Francisco, California: San Francisco International Airport
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: McCarran International Airport
  • Orlando, Florida: Orlando International Airport
  • Miami, Florida: Miami International Airport
  • Detroit, Michigan: Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • Houston, Texas: George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • Boston, Massachusetts: Logan International Airport
  • Washington, D.C., Virginia: Washington Dulles International Airport
  • North Carolina: Raleigh-Durham International Airport
  • Washington state: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport